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Why the Web?

August 13, 2019

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Welcome to the first Blog for our new website. We hope to provide user-fed, question-based information on this page that you may not be able to find on a general search. For our first Blog, it may make the most sense to give you an idea why having a current web site is important to us.

1) Who are these people?

Unlike shopping online, in the orthodontic field, you want to know a little bit about the doctor and staff with whom you might be spending a decent portion of your time. On average, including pre-exam and retention, you could be in the practice for 4 years or more. People going to an orthodontic site want to know what qualifications the doctor has, what is the staff like, what technology they use and what the hours are.

2) We are referral based.

Unlike searching online for a recipe, approximately 85% of people in our practice were specifically referred to us by a dentist, friends, or a combination of both. Only about 10% of people are insurance-referred, and only 5% or so decide they do not like the smile they see in the mirror and Google us. When people get referrals, the first place they go to is the web site to get our phone number and address. Our web site also has a great “contact us” section, by location, so people can shoot a message to us at any hour that is convenient or request an appointment.

3) Information, please.

We will have personalized “how-to” videos uploaded this fall based off of patient/parent frequently asked questions. We want to highlight information, not opinion.

Stayed tuned for our upcoming blogs as we discuss fall sports, injuries, and the need for special types of mouthguards with braces.

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