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Adult Orthodontic Treatment – Enfield, CT

You’re Never Too Old For a Straight Smile

Woman with adult orthodontic treatment

At Cordes Orthodontics, we want adults in Westfield, Enfield, and Suffield to know that it’s never too late for them to have the beautifully straight smiles they deserve. Up to one-fifth of all orthodontic patients are adults in the US, and we’re able to offer a number of treatments specifically designed to help people without altering their day-to-day appearance. Whether you’re hoping to increase your confidence, improve your oral function, or both, you can trust that Dr. Cordes will have you covered with adult orthodontic treatment in Enfield, CT!

Why Choose Cordes Orthodontics for Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

The Differences Between Adult & Child Orthodontics

Woman smiling during adult orthodontic treatment

Needless to say, a child’s teeth are much different than those of a full-grown adult. Typically, orthodontics is recommended for younger patients because the bones of the mouth and jaw are still growing and haven’t fully set yet, meaning they can be more easily guided with treatment. Because an adult’s bone structure is harder and stronger, orthodontic care is usually a slower process, but this doesn’t mean it’s any less successful. While it may take a little longer to shift the teeth, Dr. Cordes can definitely put them where they need to go. Plus, for specific issues like complex bite misalignments, corrective jaw surgery may be the only solution, which Dr. Cordes can discuss with you as well.

Our Adult Orthodontic Treatments

Woman with adult orthodontic smiling

Which one of these would be best for you? Dr. Cordes would be more than happy to answer all of your questions and let you know what to expect during your treatment at a one-on-one consultation. To get in touch with our orthodontic office, call today!

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