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Orthodontic Appliances – Enfield, CT

More than Just Braces

Woman placing an orthodontic appliance

While braces are an essential treatment at our orthodontic office, Dr. Cordes has many more tools at his disposal when it comes to helping our patients’ smiles. Using an array of orthodontic appliances, he can quickly and easily solve a myriad of orthodontic issues as well as prevent other ones from developing in the first place. When you come to see Dr. Cordes during an initial consultation, he’ll be more than happy to discuss which of the following appliances would be best for you or your child. To schedule this appointment, contact us today for orthodontic appliances in Enfield, CT.

Why Choose Cordes Orthodontics for Orthodontic Appliances?

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Removable Retainers

Patient placing a removable retainer

Retainers are used to help newly shifted teeth stay in place after the braces come off. Without them, the teeth would actually start to drift back into their original positions. Our retainers consist of a thin plastic appliance that is removable and easy to clean and maintain.

Fixed Retainers

Animated smile with fixed retainer orthodontic appliance

Fixed retainers usually involve a small metal bar being bonded to the back of the teeth in order to prevent them from moving after an orthodontic treatment has finished. These can only be removed by Dr. Cordes, and a patient will need to take special care to brush and floss around the retainer in order to prevent a buildup of plaque.

Palatal Expander

Model smile with palatal expander orthodontic appliance

Many children have a narrow hard palate, which can lead to teeth crowding by making it difficult for the upper adult teeth to come in; this can hamper breathing as well. A palatal expander is used to correct these issues by doing exactly what its name indicates—expanding the palate. A small metal bar is positioned within the mouth using loops that go around the molars on either side of the jaw, and it is slowly lengthened over time to encourage the bone to grow and widen.

Learn More About Palatal Expanders

Thumb Crib

Child sucking thumb in need of thumb crib orthodontic appliance

Thumb sucking is adorable when babies do it, but when a child’s teeth start coming in, this habit can lead to all kinds of issues that take serious orthodontic care to correct. If you have a particularly willful child who just won’t stop despite your best efforts, we can place a thumb crib in their mouth. This will painlessly prevent them from sucking their thumb without inhibiting their ability to speak or eat. Over the course of a few weeks, they will naturally break the habit, and the crib can be removed.

Retainer Basics:

Smiling woman holding a retainer

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