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Invisalign® Clear Aligners – Enfield, CT

People Will Only See the Beautiful Results

Woman placing an Invisalign tray

When you first hear about it, orthodontic treatment with clear aligners sounds too good to be true. You mean you can straighten your teeth without getting noticeable metal braces? Yes! With Invisalign or 3M Clarity Clear Aligners, you can discreetly enhance your smile while the world around you doesn’t notice. These treatments are always custom-made, so they’re guaranteed to be comfortable as well as deliver stunning results. They are the clear choice for adults and teens alike, and you can get started with Invisalign clear aligners in Enfield, CT by scheduling a consultation today with Dr. Cordes.

Why Choose Cordes Orthodontics for Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Closeup of person placing an Invisalign clear aligners

With Invisalign, instead of brackets and wires, patients wear a progressive series of lightweight plastic aligners that fit over their teeth. Each one places the right amount of pressure to shift the teeth into their ideal positions, and once a patient has gone through their entire series, they should see a perfectly straight smile in the mirror. Thanks to the clear plastic, patients don’t ever have to worry about friends or coworkers noticing their treatment. Plus, they can easily take the aligners off whenever they want for eating or brushing their teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign® Clear Aligners:

Woman placing an Invisalign tray

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign

calculating cost of Invisalign in Enfield

Are you thinking about getting Invisalign in Enfield? Before committing to the process, you likely want to know how much it’ll cost. Well, it’s impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate until you come in for a consultation. The price varies from patient to patient because every case is unique. During your initial appointment, our team at Cordes Orthodontics will explain your estimated cost and flexible payment options. If you’d like to learn more about what to expect, continue reading or give our office a call today!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Invisalign

patient getting Invisalign in Enfield

Many factors influence the overall cost of Invisalign in Enfield, including:

  • The number of aligners needed to straighten your teeth. It varies on a case-by-case basis depending on the extent and type of dental misalignment.
  • Whether you’re straightening one arch or both. Logically speaking, straightening both the upper and lower teeth will cost more than just straightening one or the other.
  • Your treatment compliance. If you lose an aligner or fail to stick to your treatment plan, you may need to pay more than expected.
  • Whether you need additional accessories. Some patients might need elastics or other accessories to ensure successful treatment.

Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club™: Which Costs More?

person holding two clear aligners

If you’re on a budget, you may be tempted to opt for do-it-yourself clear aligner therapy like SmileDirectClub™. It usually costs around $2,000 while Invisalign can run anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Let’s take a look at a few key differences between the two options:

  • Since DIY aligners are more affordable, they’re often made out of a cheap plastic material that can break easily. Meanwhile, Invisalign uses a patented material designed for comfort and efficient tooth movements.
  • Some patients claim that the DIY aligners are ineffective. In fact, there are even cases where it’s worsened dental alignment! Invisalign has consistently proven to be successful.
  • Most DIY aligner companies just see you as another name on their list of customers. With Invisalign, you can enjoy personalized support and guidance from our skilled dental team throughout every step of your journey.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign?

dental insurance form on table

Most dental insurance policies offer coverage for orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign. If your plan applies, it can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by $1,000 or more! Of course, every policy is unique, which is why you should confirm the details with your insurance provider before committing to anything. Our team is more than happy to help with that step if needed!

Options for Making Invisalign Affordable

professional explaining other financing options

At Cordes Orthodontics, we understand that not everyone has dental insurance. That’s why we offer additional financing options to help you afford your treatment! You can opt for third-party financing through CareCredit to make your dental bills much easier to manage. It allows you to split up the total cost of your treatment into smaller, budget-friendly monthly installments.

Are you ready to improve your smile? Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Cordes today! He’ll help you achieve your dream look while keeping your total expenses as low as possible.

Invisalign® Teen

Young woman holding up an Invisalign Teen aligner tray

Do you have a teen who would literally die if you made them get braces, even though they really need them? With Invisalign Teen, everyone can be happy! It uses the same clear aligner system as regular Invisalign, but each tray has a small blue dot towards the back that fades as it is worn. This way, both teens and parents can make sure they’re keeping up with their treatment. Talk to Dr. Cordes and see if your teen is a good candidate for clear aligners.

Online Invisalign® Smile Simulation

Patient using smartphone to create an online Invisalign smile simulation

Click on the button below using your mobile phone or tablet. Follow the prompts to take a photo of your smile and see the transformative results Invisalign can have once treatment is completed!

Take Online Smile Simulation

Invisalign FAQs

orthodontist in Enfield showing Invisalign to a patient

Do you still have some questions about Invisalign in Enfield? Our team at Cordes Orthodontics is here to give you the answers you need! That’s why we’ve included the answers to several frequently asked Invisalign questions below. If you still have questions or concerns after reading the following information, don’t be afraid to reach out to us directly!

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

The length of your Invisalign treatment will depend on multiple factors, including how misaligned your teeth currently are and whether you wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day. On average, Invisalign treatment is completed after 12 to 18 months, but you should see a noticeable difference in your smile after just a few months. We understand that 18 months might seem like a long time, but this is still much shorter than the average treatment time with traditional braces (two to three years). During your Invisalign consultation, your orthodontist in Enfield can lay out an estimated timeline for your treatment.

Can You Eat with Invisalign?

One of the main advantages that Invisalign has over braces is that you won’t face any dietary restrictions. The aligners are removable, so you can simply take them out before any meals or snacks. However, you should never forget to do this. Eating while wearing your aligners can subject them to pressure that causes chips or cracks, and it can even stain the trays. Always remember to remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything besides plain water. Just be sure to store them safely while you eat!

Does Invisalign Hurt?

The smooth plastic of the Invisalign trays makes this treatment much more comfortable than metal braces. You won’t have to deal with any sharp wires poking into your gums or the insides of your cheeks. However, you can expect some mild discomfort with Invisalign; your teeth are being shifted into new positions, after all. Your teeth may feel slightly sore after you first start wearing the aligners or when you begin wearing a new set in the series. This discomfort should gradually subside, but in the meantime, you can use a cold compress or take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed.

What Happens After Invisalign?

After you’ve finished wearing the last set of aligners in your treatment plan, you’ll visit Dr. Cordes to verify that your teeth are in the correct positions. If they are, he’ll provide you with a retainer and instruct you on how often you’ll need to wear it. This appliance should actually look and feel similar to your aligners, but instead of shifting your teeth, it’s designed to prevent your teeth from reverting back to the way they were before Invisalign and undoing all of the time and money spent on your treatment. In many cases, you’ll need to wear your retainer for 22 hours a day for a while before gradually decreasing the wear time until you only need to wear it at night.


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