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Teen Orthodontics – Enfield, CT

Straighter Teeth and Healthier Smiles for Teens

Smiling boy wearing teen orthodontics in Enfield

Teenagers are at a critical point in their physical development. Teen orthodontics can help adolescents in Enfield to avoid future oral health problems and allow them to enjoy a confident smile. Do you suspect that your son or daughter could benefit from orthodontic care? Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process of achieving straighter teeth and healthier smiles for teens. Contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.

Why Choose Cordes Orthodontics for Traditional Braces?

A Healthy Smile Means a Confident Teen

Confident, smiling teen girl with straight teeth

Teenagers often struggle with downturns in their self-confidence. If your son or daughter is embarrassed by misaligned teeth, they may hold back from smiling in public, socializing with friends, or pursuing their favorite activities. Orthodontic treatment can shift your teen’s teeth so they are in their ideal positions, allowing your child to have one less worry on their mind.

Additionally, orthodontia for teens can set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. It is often easier to correct dental misalignment during adolescence than it is during adulthood. That is because adults have harder, fully developed jawbones, so tooth movements are more challenging for them.

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Teens

Teen with traditional braces

We offer four orthodontic treatment options that are suitable for teenagers. During your child’s consultation, we will make a recommendation on which one we believe is the best fit for your teen and your family’s circumstances.

Traditional Metal Braces

Portrait of smiling teen boy with braces

Traditional brackets and wires are extremely effective at correcting virtually all types of dental misalignment, so they are great for patients with complex or severe orthodontic problems. Many teens enjoy being able to choose fun colors for their braces that show off their personality.

Clear Braces

Close-up of person’s smile with clear braces

For teens who want subtler orthodontic treatment, we might recommend clear braces. They use brackets and wires that blend in with the natural appearance of the teeth, so they do not call a lot of attention to themselves. They are ideal for patients who want discreet treatment without the need to remember to wear removable aligners.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Young woman holding Invisalign aligner

Invisalign uses removable, almost invisible clear aligners to gradually shift the teeth into their proper positions. Invisalign Teen even has blue compliance dots on the aligner trays so parents and dental team members can make sure that patients are using their treatment as instructed.

3M™ Clarity™ Clear Aligners

Smiling teen girl pointing at Invisalign aligner

These aligners work similarly to Invisalign, providing convenient and discreet orthodontic care. Generally speaking, clear aligners tend to offer faster results than traditional metal braces.

Which Option Is Right for My Teen?

Girl with braces attending orthodontic appointment

Every patient is different. The orthodontic treatment that is best for your teenager will depend on several factors, including the severity of their dental misalignment, their personal preferences, and your family’s budget. Your teen’s level of self-discipline is also something to consider; removable clear aligners require that patients wear them for 20 – 22 hours each day, which might be challenging for some adolescents.

During your consultation, Dr. Cordes and our team will be happy to help you compare treatment options. We want to settle on the one that is the best fit for your unique child.

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