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We Welcome Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is an excellent tool that can help make the cost of orthodontic treatment more manageable for individuals and families who are ready to pursue their ideal smile. At Cordes Orthodontics, we’re happy to be in-network providers for several major PPO insurances so that our valued patients can take full advantage of their available benefits! Better yet, we have plenty of tried-and-true experience when it comes to navigating the world of insurance seamlessly and successfully. Keep reading below to learn more, or contact us directly in Westfield, Enfield, or Suffield to discuss any questions directly with our team members.

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, dental insurance works a little differently than it does for checkups, cleanings, dental crowns, and other likeminded services. While every plan differs, most will have some sort of lifetime maximum benefit allotted for each insured individual regarding orthodontics. This benefit is then paid out as a percentage of your overall orthodontic fee for related services (such as the diagnostic records, the treatment itself, etc) until the maximum amount is reached.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

It is important to keep in mind that every dental insurance is different, and you should always confirm your available benefits with your provider before committing to any treatment. Our team will be happy to help with this by submitting pre-treatment claims! Combined, Heather and Stephanie have over 30 years of experience dealing with dental insurance plans and they are well-versed with all of the major plans in our area.

We also advise patients and families to keep the following information in mind:

Our In-Network PPO Dental Insurance Providers

At Cordes Orthodontics, we are in-network with many of the major PPO dental insurances that patients have in Enfield, Westfield, and Suffield – but what exactly does that mean? It’s pretty simple. Our orthodontic office has agreed to accept negotiated rates for certain treatments, which are typically lower than what you’d experience with an orthodontist who is out of network for your particular coverage. This helps your family save hard-earned money and stick to a comfortable budget.